Two young players from Echternach participated in the Luxembourg U20 Rapid Chess championships in Differdange (<1500 ELO section). Both posted very strong results.

With 5/7, Kevin Camacho finished 13th out of 72 participants. Samuel Orr went slightly better, scoring 5,5/7 to secure fourth place and narrowly miss out on a medal.

The >1500 ELO section was won by Sasha Biryukov and the <1500 tournament by Eric Liu, both from Differdange. Indeed, the tournament was dominated by Differdange players, who took all three medals in the <1500 ELO section (Samuel was the highest scoring non-Differdange player, and the top U14) and two from three in the >1500 section. Congratulations to Differdange for a well-organised event and impressive results over the chess board!

Full results can be found here.