Memorial Remy Rippinger
26th Echternach Open

on 15th and 16th June 2019

Venue: the ancient abbey of Echternach

Rate of play: 9 rounds Swiss System / 45 min.

Start: 10:30 (the participation has to be confirmed until 10:00!)
The prize giving ceremony is on Sunday at 17:30.

Main prizes

1000EUR  750EUR  500EUR  400EUR  300EUR  250EUR  250EUR  200EUR  150EUR  100EUR
The main prizes are split with the Hort system.

Further money prizes

150EUR  100EUR  70EUR  50EUR  30EUR
in the rating group of Remy Rippinger 1400 - 1699

100EUR  70EUR  50EUR  30EUR
* in the rating groups <1400,  1700 - 1899,  1900 - 2099,  2100 - 2300
* for the best women
* for the best seniors >60 (year of birth 1959 or earlier)
* for the best youth players <18 (year of birth 2001 or later)
* for luxembourgish players (lux. nationality or classified "LUX" at FIDE!)

Attention: the prize fund is guaranteed for at least 250 participants. All money prizes can be accumulated!

Special prizes

The 3 best players without a licence get a non-cash prize!
The club with the most participants receives a trophy and 6 bottles of "crémant".
Every other club with at least 10 participants receives 2 bottles of "crémant".

Entry fee

30EUR for adults
20EUR for youth players (year of birth 2001 or later)
for players registrated till the 14th June. Afterwards the entry fee is raised by 5EUR.
Free participation for GM, IM, WGM and WIM.

The entry fee is paid cash.

We reserve the right to exclude players from the tournament.

More infos by calling +352 621219151.